People are furious Pittsburgh sold their pride march to a fracking company

The nonprofit Delta Foundation announced in January that the June 11 Pittsburgh Pride parade would be named the EQT Equality March, immediately drawing backlash.

“Pride has historically been about resisting. It’s about bringing visibility to a marginalized community,” said Ciora Thomas, leader of SisTers PGH, a LGBT organization helping to organize the counter march. “That’s the history of Pride. We trying to carry on that legacy.”

EQT’s campaign contributions are also at issue, with Pittsburgh City Paper noting that last year, the corporation gave $10,000 to Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster, who in 2013 said he was “disappointed” with a Supreme Court decision restoring same-sex marriage in California. EQT also gave $7,500 to Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Murphy, who misgendered Chelsea Manning in a statement in January criticizing Obama for commuting her sentence.

EQT responded to a request from the paper by saying it was “honored and excited to join with the Delta Foundation as the naming underwriter of what is now known as the EQT Equality March.”

It pointed to last year, where it also participated in Pride, with “nearly 100 EQT employees, along with their friends and families, marched in the parade.” EQT goes on to say a number of employees went on to create an LGBTQ employee resource group.

See full story here


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