This gender nonconforming 22-year-old has spent $50,000 to look like an ‘extra-terrestrial hot mess’

Vinny Ohh doesn’t identify as male or female. Instead, the 22-year-old describes themselves as an “extra-terrestrial hot mess” who is totally “self-obsessed.”

“I want to be a sexless alien being,” Vinny tells the Daily Mail. “I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside. The overall image I want to do is an alien.”

To get that authentic extra-terrestrial look, Vinny, who works as a makeup artist and occasional model in Los Angeles, wears large, black contact lenses and talon-like fingernails, along with some pretty intense makeup.

“My large black contact lenses are a necessity,” Vinny says. “It’s like my pearl necklaces. I wear them to walk around everywhere I can. They make my eyes look super massive. Some people call it demonic, but I think it looks beautiful like an animal.”

To date, Vinny has spent $50,000 on over 110 surgeries to look like an alien, including lip fillers, two rhinoplasties, and multiple cheeks and brow bone fillers. And they’re not finished yet. Next on Vinny’s agenda: to have their genitals, nipples, and bellybutton removed.

“I want to be a hybrid,” Vinny says, “not male or female.”

See full story here

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