Univision aired gory ‘blood bath’ reenactment of Pulse massacre despite objections

Despite objections from some of those most directly affected by the tragic event, Univision went ahead with a program featuring a reenactment of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando that left 49 dead and dozens more injured.

The program, called Baño De Sangre, or Blood Bath, aired on Saturday night on the network’s weekly news show Crónicas De Sábado.

The show featured interviews with survivors as well as actors depicting the massacre in gross detail.

A review by the Orlando Sentinel captured the sentiment in stark terms of watching the program, noting that it lived down to its name.

“Why foist these horrendous scenes on viewers? Why put survivors and victims’ families through the torture?” writes reporter Hal Boedeker.

“Open-hearted survivors shared their stories with Univision, but their comments were placed next to those terrible, elaborate re-enactments. The Pulse bathrooms were re-created with unnerving detail that would stun anyone who knew the club.

“It was an odd viewing experience. The program would break, jarringly, for cheerful commercials. The Pulse story had become just another product, one to be served up as a horror movie. The victims and their families deserved better.”

Univision posted a trailer on social media but took it down after a backlash that included the club’s owner as well as survivors of the shooting, who reported that it was “triggering” and questioned why the reenactments were needed.

See full story here

Donate to the victims’ families.

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