LGBT dance protest targets Trump Hotel

With music blaring from two large speakers perched in the back of a pickup truck, several hundred people gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington Friday night as part of an LGBT “dance protest” against policies of President Donald Trump.

After dancing and listening to speakers at the site of the hotel, participants followed members of the D.C. LGBT group WERK for Peace, which organized the event, in a procession along Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., to the White House. Leading the procession was the pickup truck as it continued to play dance music.

D.C. police quickly closed surrounding streets long enough to make way for the colorful procession, which included some wearing T-shirts and leotards despite temperatures hovering in the low 30s. Organizers said they didn’t apply for a permit to secure street closings in advance of the protest.

“We are here today to celebrate in solidarity our intersectionality and our resistance,” said lead organizer Firas Nasr in opening remarks as the crowd assembled outside the Trump Hotel.

“We are here to send a clear, clear message to Donald Trump and his administration that we will not tolerate discrimination, hate, or bigotry in our country.”

See full story here


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