I’m not a Lesbian but..

I once had a (lesbian) friend tell me that she believed all girls were lesbians, even “straight” ones (her quotations). She stated that the reason why “straight” girls are still straight is because they haven’t found the right girl that would make her forsake the *ahem*…. pipe. I disagreed with her until a few weeks later, I saw Taz.

If Taz were a guy, she wouldn’t have been my type. She was a short, red- bone, with green eyes and cornrows. Now, normally, I’m into tall, dark skinned- guys with dark cesars and goatees. But there was something about Taz that I was unexpectedly attracted to. Maybe it was her swag. Maybe it was the way she dressed. Maybe it was the fact that she reminded me of the type of guys I went for in high school. Whatever it was, Taz made me secretly second-guess my sexual orientation and consider my friend’s outlandish theory!

I know what you’re thinking-

“This chick is obviously gay if she had a crush on a girl.”

But hear me out. There are very few things in life that are simply black or white and my boo, Taz pushed me into that gray area. To be fair, I would have never slept with her (I mean, she was a girl, how weird would that have been?) but I wanted the attention and more importantly, the validation.

Beyond that, she didn’t know I existed, which strangely, made me want her to notice me even more. If I could catch the eye of almost any guy I wanted, why couldn’t I catch her’s? What was her problem? More importantly, was I not good enough? After expressing my frustration to my (gay) friend about the fact that I couldn’t get noticed by a girl I was never going to actually “be” with, she informed me that Taz could most likely tell that I wasn’t gay so she felt no reason to even look my way. This blow to my ego helped me quickly get over my secret crush and taught me something about myself I had never realized. Personally speaking, getting a compliment is always flattering, (as long as it’s polite), despite the sex of the person or their sexual preference. I must admit though, I have never been hit on by a girl. However, there would be something superlative about getting a compliment from another woman.

As girls, we all know how critical we can be of each other. If there is a thread hanging from another girl’s shirt, we are quick to tap our friend and whisper about how tacky she looks. We notice things about other females that (straight) men would never notice. We can spot a bad weave from a mile away. We know when someone’s Michael Kors satchel is a knockoff, and we are quick to pull out our phones, take a pic and tweet or post to Facebook when we spot a chick we believe looks like a hot mess!

So, the moral of my little adage? Women love compliments, and if you are as egotistical and self- indulgent as I am, then you won’t mind receiving them from any sex. Therefore, the next time you see a chick and she’s pretty (regardless of what your “gay-dar” tells you), you should tell her. You never know whose day you are going to make, or what (gay) interest you may spark in her. And if my friend is right, she just may be waiting for the right Dom to persuade her to switch teams.


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  1. Great post, a lot to mull on. I have always viewed sexuality is fluid anyhow and if that comes, then hey, nothing wrong with that.

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