How to eat…

There is no “right” way to do this but there is most definitely a WRONG way. Rule number one: NEVER go straight for the box. Take your time unwrapping it. There is no way you should even be in that region before hitting other spots first. Hopefully, you know your partner well enough to know exactly where those spots are. Start there. If not, take the time to explore with your hands and mouth. While your hands roam freely begin to kiss places above the waste to get her going then slowly work your way…south. With your fingers, caress around her vagina and rub against her slit without parting her lips. Get. It. Wet. As you work your way down plant small kisses near her belly button as you spread her legs.  Begin to kiss and lick the crease between her thighs. The key here is to build anticipation and increase arousal. By now, she should be panting and going half crazy. She is ready for you to make her kitty purr. Continue to tease her. Make her want it. More.

Use your lips to brush past her clit as you go down further to her inner thighs. As you kiss up and down her thighs get really close to her love and suddenly move away. At this point she has lost her mind and is nearly begging you to put her out of her misery. This is when you go for it. Kiss her lips as you spread them. The next part can be done one of two ways or even a combination of both. You can either use the tip of your tongue or lay your tongue flat depending on the preference of your partner. Lick up and down against the clit. Then around. Repeat this motion until she gets deeper into it. She will show signs that she is enjoying it and her body will also give you cues. Listen to and follow them. If you’re really good, you already know them. That in and of itself will be a major turn on for her.

Forming your mouth in the letter O around the clitoris, gently suck it as you slowly bob your head. The up and down motion of your head creates just enough pressure to drive her crazy. It also creates a slurping noise which is most definitely a bonus. Women love to hear sex effects. Increase your speed and bring her close to an orgasm but do not let her cum. She will push you away because she can’t take it anymore all the while pulling you closer to taste some more. If your partner is a runner, grip her thighs and follow her every move without removing your mouth or stopping your motion. As she gets wetter you should start to moan. Hopefully this part is natural because it is just that damn good to you but if not, faking it works. Women love to hear their partner moan while eating the pussy because it lets them know that you get off on getting them off.  Your moans combined with an increase and decrease of speed and motion is sure to keep her going. Well, Cumming.

To add pleasure, you can finger her while you are feasting. Penetration along with the oral stimulation is bound to cause a tsunami. Don’t want to stop there? Don’t. There is also what I call “The Triple Threat”. Now, this move is not for everybody but it is definitely worth trying. The triple threat is when you insert a finger into the other hole while you finger her and eat her out at once. There is so much going on that she can’t help but to glaze your face and hand.

When she is near climax do NOT stop whatever it is that you are doing at that moment. More than likely, she’ll be screaming that very thing to you. There is nothing worse than being close to an orgasm only for the person to stop suddenly or change up what they are doing.  Wait, I lied. There is a worse thing. Three simple words. “Did you cum?” *SLAP* Make sure that you know she has released before you move on. The clit is extremely sensitive after an orgasm so if you want seconds or thirds allow a short “resting” period then proceed. Bon Appetit!. –
Mary P.


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