As stated on their bio: A new day is upon us, and hip hop’s answer to the question “what happened to the female rap game” is here. Blessed with the lyrical prowess to compete with the hottest emcees in the business, as well as singing every hook on their albums, and being touted as the female version of The Neptunes, the female duo KIN4LIFE is a triple threat. Together as a group for ten years and friends for over fifteen, Nor and IQ have solidified their
family ties and KIN4LIFE has never had a truer meaning.

As young entrepreneurs:
-They founded their label, Noriq Records in 2002.

-The video for the hit single “Make Up Girl” held a spot on the Click List Countdown on MTV’s Logo for 11 consecutive weeks, and was nominated for The Click List’s Top 10 Videos
of 2009.

-KIN4LIFE has headlined the GO Magazine New York Nightlife Awards show; Pride celebrations in Philadelphia, Toronto, Columbia, S.C. and other cities; and Inferno Dominican
Republic on Labor Day weekend, where they performed for the second consecutive year in 2011,along with Grammy nominee Marsha Ambrosius.

-KIN4LIFE was chosen as Group of the Year by the 2010 Readers Poll.

-KIN4LIFE garnered comparison to Missy Elliot, prompting them to form Noriq Records’ subsidiaries, Red Eye Productions and The KIN Factory (writing and production).

-They showcased their talent as producers in the fall of 2009, winning the “King of
the ATL” battle at the industry proving ground Producer’s Swap Meet in Atlanta.

-Their single “Money Brings Trouble” was chosen for placement in the feature film
“Changing The Game” which premiered at the 2011 Hollywood Black Film Festival.

-KIN4LIFE has also been featured on the PBS Emmy winning series “In The Life: Defying
Stereotypes” which they now screen at universities across the country along with an interactive panel discussion for students and faculty.

-KIN4LIFE wrote and produced the single “Lone Ranger” in support of LGBTQ youth, and in response to the recent wave of bullying and attacks that have made national headlines. The track was released as a free download on Christmas Day 2010 and had 2000 downloads in the
first 48 hours

-KIN4LIFE’s music video for “It’s Over Now” is premiered June 24 at the Philadelphia Independent Film festival

With so much going on and more to come in the future, it was amazing to find that
these two amazing women had time to sleep, let along have the energy for an
interview! Luckily for us, they did!

1.)  What is KIN4LIFE up to now? What can we look forward to for the remaining year of 2012 and hopefully if the world doesn’t end, beyond that?

Nor: We are delving into acting and filming!!  We will be in the Dominican Republic for the third time in a row. It’s all inclusive for those who want to attend (search reverbanation/kin4life)

2.) You guys have been in the game for quite awhile now, what have you noticed that has or has not changed in Hip Hop?

IQ: We have been doing this for over a decade now..In the past no one was going
online to cut the music. Today, I’ve noticed that people aren’t putting out full
albums..It’s always about peeking at new hot singles coming out now.

Nor: The format has changed. Vinyl records aren’t popular anymore…Djays aren’t
Djays…hip hop is watered down..

3.) As more women who identify as Doms, Studs etc begin to surface in the
underground music world, do you feel that their imagery will become more
acceptable in mainstream?

Nor: Yes, but everyone will need to push through at once.  We don’t mind putting on
makeup etc. Of course it has to be done correctly *laughs* But we know how to
change up our look so that we are all-around accepted.

IQ: Oh definitely! Underground music is going to be ground breaking in ATL.

4.) Would you say that success comes more from Talent or Networking?

Hmm, it comes from both…you have to have the talent, but you def need to be out
there. You have to keep you name in people’s mouths.

IQ: Both! You have to keep one foot in the street and one on the net. You always
want to make your fans feel like they can reach out and touch you!!

5.)  Would you say that recognition comes more from Exposure or Marketing?

IQ: There has to be a balance. Your team, who markets for you, sustains you. You
definitely can’t have one without the other and remember that fans are the
biggest team.

6.) One of our main focuses here at Dom-In-Nation is touching on common issues that Doms face on a day to day base. One main concern is the unspoken competition that Doms unfamiliar with each other share. So, with that said do you receive more of a positive reaction from your femme audience? Or has the response been equal?

Nor: I’ve found that many times, doms are more responsive. The show us love.  We were
invited to perform Makeup Girl at a wedding. That speaks volumes to us.

7.)  Has working hard to obtain your dream taken a toll on your personal life? How does
your family feel about your success?

Nor: Oh yes..well not so much a toll…but it has been a main priority. I have lost
friends, people gave up on us. More negative people came along. On a personal
level, it is our life!!! Our family loves it and they are always at the
forefront! I want to sa thank you to them!!

IQ: This is our life!! I would have to say that the only time it took a toll on me
had to be my freshman year of college.  As far as family, my mom and grandmother
are huge supporters.  My grandmother refers to me as “the gay celebrity.” lol

8.)  Are either of you currently dating anyone? (If so, how long and how do they cope with your work schedule) (If not, what would your ideal partner be like?)

Nor: No but..I would want someone who is supportive, beautiful, and possesses no
cripes!! Has to beautiful inside and out..umm, and being conceited and having
low self esteem are just as equally annoying..

IQ: intelligent (not fake intelligent), speak more than one language. Oh, I don’t
like huge boobs, must have a nice ass, have a passport, and be ready to

9.) Have you actually read D.I.N? What do you think about it?

We have gone to the website and will definitely promo.

10.) Any words of advice for others who are striving to do what you do?

IQ: Stay authentic. Do not do anything that has already been done. Study your
craft!! Put out the music that is you!

NOR: Never give up, practice, and don’t think you know everything. If you are a
writer, write every day. Invest in yourself first because no one else

                       **RAUNCH**(Watch us on Wednesdays on YouStream/YouTube)

1.) Do you consider yourself a Touch Me Not?

Nor: Hell NOO, what are we here for …stay away if you don’t give

IQ: Hellll no, head is a necessity!!! (I would like to trademark that

2.) Describe the first time you received/gave oral sex.

Nor: I was like 15. Actually we both were. It was my first girlfriend. It was
probably wack, maybe because I didn’t really like it. lol

IQ: I was sixteen and I loved it..ummmm, it was a little hairy though.

3.) What’s the freakiest thing that a girl has done to you?

Nor: A stripper in California bust my lip with her pussy. HAHA

IQ: Ummmmm, got head while driving.

4.) Have you ever slept with a fan?


Nor: Tons!!!!!!

5.) Toys or just body parts?

Nor: Both!

IQ: Body Parts!!

6.) Moaners or silent?

Nor: Moaners! Quiet girls get forgotten!!!!

7.) One on one’s or group sex?

Nor: Either way is fine with me!

IQ: Earlier in my career, I preferred .group sex. Now I prefer one on

8.) Committed relationships or one night stands?

Nor: There has to be a balance

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