s4s: The First Time

Kai Brown: I was asked to write about my experience with a stud who had never been with another stud before.

I was asked to write about my experience with a stud who had never been with another stud before.

Honestly I had to think hard because there has been quite a few. When you’re the King of stud for stud you tend to be in high demand so it’s not unusual for studs/doms to get at me on the regular. So of all of those bois,  I had to ponder who was the most memorable and *Sean (name has been changed to protect privacy) instantly popped in my head.*Sean had noticed me on a social network site called Downelink. She read my blogs, observed me in the chat room, saw me talking shit and was very curious about me since we lived in the same area. She sent me a note saying “Hey whats up? I see you’re around the way. We should meet up have drinks and watch a game one day” I clicked on her page, scanned her photos, read her info and was instantly in lust! She was fine as hell, local, and hopefully she would prove to be a good time. I hit her back, letting her know I would love to and for about a week we talked through DL trying to get to know each other.

Eventually we exchanged numbers and started texting each other. One Sunday I invited her over to watch the Dallas/Redskins game, play cards and chill. I was anxious ALL day to meet her. I was definitely praying she looked like her pics. You know how people front online. Now the whole time we’ve been talking we never discussed sex or stud for stud or anything like that. She was playing it cool trying to come off like we could be real cool buddies but I knew better. And even IF that’s all she had in mind I had a totally different agenda…I hear a knock at my door so I know its her. I open it and I’m relieved and very happy that not only does she look like her pics but BETTER! Score 7 for the home team!! I invited her in, offered her a drink and told her to make herself at home. There were other people there chilling. I didn’t wanna be obvious our first meeting and of course I wanted her to be comfortable, no pressure ya know?

She introduced herself, grabbed a cold one and joined the crowd. I was amused and impressed at how she carried herself. She seemed at ease and confident around other people and more importantly me. I know I can be very intimidating so it was turnin me on that she wasn’t phased by my rep or my physical presence. We chatted through the evening, talked shit over cards and football. I caught her staring at me quite a few time so I knew she was gathering intel. I damn sure was checking her out too so it was all good. After the game ended I walked her to her car. She told me she had a great time and we should hang again. Of course I’m plotting in my head how I’m gonna get her alone.  We hug and for a moment I had an overwhelming urge to kiss her but I held back because you never know how a boi may react to another boi kissing on them. But as I pulled back from the hug I got the feeling that she wanted me to…opportunity lost.The following day i check my DL and I see a note from her saying how she had a blast and really enjoyed herself. She said we should do that more often especially since she hadn’t been spending time with her girl. They hit a wall and they weren’t fucking either. WHOA NOW…PUMP YA BRAKES!!! What does hanging out have to do with you not getting no ass? BINGO, JACKPOT!! That was my cue that she was down for the “get down” So I asked, “Why is a fine boi like you not getting any ass?” She said, “You know the games femmes play? Besides I’m interested in other things…” Of course I knew what she was talking about, but the sadist in me likes to make people uncomfortable so I asked, “What exactly are you interested in?” to which she replied, “Your slaying skills” LADIES & GENTS…school is in session!

We link up a couple of times after that for drinks after work and more conversation. Its revealed through these talks that not only has she never been with a stud before but that she was a virgin as well. This kinda bummed me out. Unlike most men I don’t like virgins. (A) I don’t want them to catch feelings since I would be their first and (B) I can’t dig in their asses like I want to because I have to be nice and gentle. She assured me that she knew who and what I was so no feelings would be involved and she wasn’t a punk so she could take ANYTHING I gave her. SOLD!!! We made a date for her to come over and we parted ways I’m never really nervous the first time I fuck someone new but I get just a little anxious because I never know how they may react to me…studs are funny sometimes. Of course I was prepared, strapped up, Hennessey on standby and blunt rolled. *Sean came right on time and with a smile on her face. I was feeling good energy from her so I knew it would be a fun time. We drank, smoked and chatted for a few. We were sitting very close and she was rubbing my leg and I was playing in her hair. She moved her hand up my leg and felt my dik. If she was nervous she damn sure didn’t show it which impressed me more. We started kissing and makin out. She was a FANTASTIC kisser. She straddled me and started grinding on me oh so slowly. Drove me crazy because I LOVE aggressive bois.

We’re kissing and going at it and finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. This got her even more turned on. We laid on the bed and we’re takin each other’s clothes off, still kissing and making out. I stick my hand down her boxers and felt the wettest river ever!!! She whispered to me “Put it in now!” I rolled over on top of her, slid that condom on and I worked my dik in slowly but firmly. There was a little resistance but she guided me inside her all the while our lips are locked going at it! I stroked that kitty slow and steady until she couldn’t take anymore and she grabbed my hips, wrapped her legs around my ass and pushed me deeper inside. She bit my neck, clawed at my back, and screamed in my eardrum so loud I thought I would pass out from the decibels. She held onto my neck and bucked against my pelvis for dear life. I couldn’t believe how she was goin in!! Like a G! But what really fucked me up was when she rolled me over and started riding me. Not no bullshit kiddie ride but an adult sized full speed roller coaster ride!! That boi FUCKED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! Now I had quite a few virgins before her and NONE of them fucked like that their first time. For a minute while she was riding me I thought she had lied about being a virgin. Just when I was contemplating why she would lie, she spun around into a reverse cowgirl and bounced on my dik like she was on a trampoline. When she rose up I saw that my condom was red all over and I knew at that instant she wasn’t lyin, she really was a virgin! Where the hell do they do that at?!?!? From reverse cowgirl I moved her into the doggie position so I could see her beautifully PHAT ass. This boi had a DONK fa sure!! OH MY GOD and BODY?!?! Man one of the best treats about fukn studs is the body they hide under all those clothes and *Sean DID NOT disappoint. We fucked for a few minutes more and then we stopped reluctantly because she had to go to work. She showered, got dressed, gave me the sweetest kiss and left out!

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