Interview with a Bisexual Stud

Woman. Human. Me.

SH agreed to speak with me about her experience with bisexuality. I told her I planned to call it “Interview with a Bisexual Stud.*” She told me she was not a stud. I asked how she considered herself?

Woman. Human. Me.

But you do seem Masculine of Center to me? I pressed.

Masculine of Center? She responded. I like that, yeah.

I asked her some questions:

1) Do you have a preference of men or women?
Ha! its funny, only women ask me that question. Well, when it comes to actual relationships, WOMEN ONLY! As crazy as it may seem, I feel like in a relationship with a dude I MUST cater to him but a woman? I should be catered to.

2) What traits do you look for in a man? Or a woman? How are they different?
I like a man to be a man and a woman to be just that; real feminine. Any sign of femininity in a guy besides being well groomed and I’m out the door!

3) Do you date men and women at the same time?
I don’t date guys. Would I fuck a guy while dating a women? It depends on how she feels about me being with guys and the type of relationship we have.

4.) Do you have limitations when it comes to sex?
Yeah. Respect my wishes. I cum quick so when I’m done and I tell you then you are too and that’s that. Man or woman. Also, no bi dudes. I ain’t with that.

5) Are there sexual things that you would only do with a man or a woman or that you prefer with one/the other?
(Laughs) Yeah. Anal with a girl! I was going to say that I like for a guy to take control most of the time in the bedroom but, ever so often I will let my special lady have her way with me. If she’s deserving.

6) Are you honest with your partners about your preference?
Always. I have to respect my partner’s decision. Some people aren’t as open about certain things as I am.

7.) Has your orientation received any backlash from the gay or straight communities?
Of course! Gays especially! AA (African American) gays are THE most judgmental people I think I know. Ironic huh? I get a lot of “that’s nasty” and “that’s like s4s” (which I am totally into as well) and my favorite ‘that’s gay!’

8.) When dating a man does your attire change or do you act different?
I become more feminine right before sexing a guy.

9.) Would you ever have a baby?
Yep! I want at least one this year…carrying one though is something else…how’s your health?
                                  (I am not making babies)

10.) What advice would you give to other Bisexual Studs who are afraid to be open? (Assuming she is open)…if not: Why do you think the community is so judgmental about this topic? Be you. Once you stop doing that you become someone you don’t know and lose sight of who you are and what you’re destined to be.

                                                          Nah, that sounds gay.

I’d say learn to be comfortable with who you are; you can’t live your life for the masses. If you do, you’re guaranteed to disappoint someone. Don’t let it be you.

11.) Do you allow the man to treat you like a lady in public?
If I was to date a guy, yes of course. I’m still a woman.

-J. Notha

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