All Hail King Kellz

Being from Chicago, a place with hardly any scene at all, I
hadn’t been exposed to Dom dancers. I then began to search for similar videos
and I found that I had been missing out on a whole lot. I must have been living
under a mountain! It seemed as if once I saw the videos everyone was suddenly
talking about it. The more I heard, the more I wanted to know… The more I wanted
to see.

Originally posted 10/14/2012 by Mary P.

About a year ago, my sister introduced me to Kellz via Wait2ucmystrap on
YouTube.  I thought “wait to you see my WHAT? What kind of stuff are you
about to make me watch?!”  It turned out to be a blog about “U-hauling”.
I’m sure we all know what that is. What was supposed to be me watching one video
turned into us both staying up for hours going through the videos laughing,
nodding in agreement and licking our lips (Oops, did I say that?). She (along
with her friend Miami at times) address topics that not many people are willing
to discuss but have been thinking about and wishing they could say. I developed
an instant crush (Don’t tell her I said that!) and to find out as much as I
could so I started doing “research”. What I found had me gasping for air and
gripping my sheets! Being from Chicago, a place with hardly any scene at all, I
hadn’t been exposed to Dom dancers. I then began to search for similar videos
and I found that I had been missing out on a whole lot. I must have been living
under a mountain! It seemed as if once I saw the videos everyone was suddenly
talking about it. The more I heard, the more I wanted to know… The more I wanted
to see.

When I got this assignment I knew immediately who I wanted. So I got her.
Shout-out to Kellz for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to support
DinMag by granting us this interview. I will be seeing her perform in St. Louis
on June 11th and I am PUMPED. Maybe I’ll be able to get a little footage for you
or tell you all how it went. That’s if I’m not too busy screaming and throwing
my panties on stage! Who am I kidding? Im not wearing any panties! Okay, totally
kidding… A little.

D.I.N:  So.. King Kellz, How did you get started in the game and how
long have you been dancing? Did you know before hand that it would be something
you’d take on seriously or did you go in as a one time thing?

Kellz: I’ve been dancing since I came out the womb! My moms didn’t have to
push, I moon walked out! lol But Nah, I been dancing since i was a kid, so that
comes 2nd nature to me. But the erotic dancing portion of it was just to try it
out, maybe once or twice, and look at me now!

D.I.N: Is King Kellz a name that you came up with when you started or have
you always been King? Is that just a stage name or is it an alter ego? I know
that you don’t drink so you cant blame anything on the alcohol, so how much do
you blame on Kellz? 

Kellz: The “King” part of King Kellz originated from an idea some friends
& I had in the past about creating a gay house called “House of Kings.” Each
member had a name that signified some type of royalty. Prince, Queen, King etc.
We Started off as a dance crew and I created most of the choreography, which
made me “King”. The idea of the House fell thru eventually, but I kept my name.
So in a way I’m still reppin’ the house we once built. Still got mad love for my
stud Bruhs from the group. But to answer the alter ego question…King kellz is
the Seduction anytime any place side of me, while . Kellz is the down to Earth
cool guy side of me. Either way you get the best of both worlds if you know me
on a personal level.

D.I.N: Did you know much about the AG dance scene before getting started? Was
it the “in” thing at the time?

Kellz: I started out as a drag King performer, which involves a lot of lip
singing and crowd interaction thru emotions & stage presence. Then I slowly
evolved into the more erotic side of performing.

D.I.N: Can you describe your very first time for me? Was it a big crowd? Were
you nervous at all? Did the crowd respond the way you expected them to?

Kellz: Wow…my 1st time performing was a little nerve wrecking & awkward
but fun as hell. I performed Ciara’s song “promise” and imitated the
choreography from the video. I didn’t know what to expect from the crowd
honestly, but they loved it. The ladies were screaming & throwing money and
im like “Why are they throwing money at me?” lol I didn’t get the concept at the
time but I adjusted quickly lol.


D.I.N: Do you get a lot of support from other AG’s? I know they like to
pretend they cant watch because it’ll be robbing them of their “man hood”
(Whatever that means)

Kellz: I wouldn’t say a lot of support but I do have a handful that show love @
shows or online thru social friendly sites and I appreciate that a lot. Most
dominant women are closed minded and opinionated about stud dancers. But that
can go for anyone who isn’t willing to educate themselves on things they don’t
understand or are different. Its Human Nature to go against things that aren’t
the average “Norm”.

D.I.N: I know the ladies love King Kellz so tell me, what’s the
craziest/wildest thing a supporter has ever done? Anyone ever show up to your
hotel wearing a trench coat and pumps with a bag of goodies?

Kellz: Lol I cant really think of anything crazy a fan has done since I’m a
hard person to shock lol but I’m always amazed at the reactions I get from fans
who meet me for the 1st time. Some cry, some scream, some shiver with nervous
hands, some drop to their knees, etc. That gets me every time since I don’t walk
around with the “I’M KING KELLZ BITCH” sign on my forehead like people should
automatically know who I am. I forget myself, then things like that happen
randomly to remind me. I Love it and appreciate it.

D.I.N: What’s the wildest thing you have done to/with a fan? Ever went there
with one of them?

Kellz: At a show I’ve stripped one of my fans down to her bra & panty
& played with her cat on stage. KY Jelly and all. But Nah, I’ve never sexed
a fan. Been tempted but Haven’t come across one to make me wanna break that rule
yet lol

D.I.N: Some of these ladies have a woman at home, do you get a lot of
negative feed back from the girlfriends of your supporters? How do you respond
to it?

Kellz: I don’t lol I just shake my head when a fan tells me how her girl broke
up with her because she’s crushing on me or how she can never come to a show
because her girl wont allow it etc…its just sad. Its 2011…we gotta do
better. Invest in a backbone or two. If somebody genuinely feels like I can take
their girl from them within a 10 to 30 minute show, she was never yours to begin
with. When something is yours No one can take it from you.

D.I.N: What advice would you give someone who is trying to get into the game?

Kellz: Be the best you can be as an individual. Don’t become a clone. That
one thing you have that no one else does is what will make you stand out. So
don’t be afraid to use it. JUST DO IT!

D.I.N: How do you stay in shape? I know some people who are just “lucky” and
can maintain without having to work out regularly. Your body is BANGIN’, do you
stay in the gym?

Kellz: No…I stay in Mcdonalds! lol people ask me about my diet &
exercising all the time and I tell them, I eat what I want, when I want and
workout every now and then, I don’t live in NOBODY’S gym! So I guess I’m one of
the lucky ones lol

D.I.N: Are you dating anyone? If so, how does she feel about you showing off
the goods? Has it had an effect on previous relationships? Does being in the
spotlight make it easier or harder to weed out the good ones?

Kellz: Jealousy  or negativity isn’t something I’m willing to deal with
anymore in relationships. If I had some of the females I had in the past, in the
present, I probably would’ve been too stressed to make it as far as I have. But
I’ll never let ANYBODY hold me back from success, and that’s my main focus. So
to be by my side you have to support me 100% or not at all. Case closed. Only a
strong woman can walk in those shoes.

D.I.N: I have not been lucky enough to see you in person but from your vids I
can see that you are very involved with the crowd. Have you ever ran across some
not so fresh.. Uh.. Well, you know! How did you react?

Kellz: Smh I always come across a fish market or cat litter box every now
& then in this game. But it comes with the territory. You just gotta take a
deep breath before you go for it and hope you keep your nostril hairs &
eyebrows in the process.

D.I.N: Have you decided how much longer you want to dance or are you going
with the flow?

Kellz: I’m going with the flow for now, but trust, I WILL NOT be a cougar in a
strap still dancing at the club. That will be retired to the bedroom only. I
have a lot of other projects I want to launch before my journey of life comes to
an end. Dancing is just one of the many.

D.I.N: What do you do outside of being King Kellz? I

Kellz: I actually have a career in trichology. I perform hair replacement on clients who
possess hair loss from undergoing chemotherapy or have some form of alopecia
also known as male pattern baldness. I also enjoy reading and writing. Those are
two things I’ll be sure to get back into once I switch gears again.—Mary P.

Want more of King Kellz?

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