7 Ways to reduce holiday stress

It’s a sad fact that the supposedly joyful holidays can also be the most stressful times of the year

It’s a sad fact that the supposedly joyful holidays can also be the most stressful times of the year. For those already suffering from stress, the endless planning, shopping and cooking present an often unbearable extra burden on an already over-stretched nervous system.

We ask a lot of ourselves at this time of year and we are led to believe that everything has to be perfect.

Even though we know deep down that reality is commonly far from perfect.

However, to help you brave the holiday storm that is ugly sweaters and estranged family members, here is a list of 7 Mental things you can do to try and have a stress free holiday.

Well, maybe not entirely stress-free but relaxed at least.


1.) Take time for yourself

Give yourself a mini break from routine to read, snooze or simply take a relaxing bath.

2.) Set priorities and stick to them

You can’t do everything so decide what is most important for you!

meditate3.) Meditate

 Even if it’s for only a few moments a day. You can do this almost anywhere, even while taking a stroll around your neighborhood.

4.) Take a walk!

While you do so, take in all the sounds and sights around you and really appreciate them. This is another great way to focus out rather than in.


5. Play

Whether it’s a board game with your family or a card game with a friend.

6.) Practice positive self-talk.

Write a seasonal affirmation for yourself such as ‘I am handling the holidays calmly and with ease.’ Stick notes up around the house with your affirmation(s) and keep a copy in your pocket to refer to whenever necessary.

7.) Use positive visualization

…..to see yourself easily handling seasonal situations which might prove stressful such as a party or family gathering.
If none of the mentioned tactics work for you, there is always  an opportunity to spike the

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